The Troy Record from Troy, New York on June 9, 1954

Wednesday, June 9, 1954 JUNE 9, t$S4 Convicted Killer Captured By FBi Agen IS In Nevad a Washington (AP)’–The FBI an. nounced yesterday tlial John .Alfred Hopkins, convicted murderer of an Arizona policeman and one of the FBI’s “Ten Most Wanted Men,” was seized Monday at Gold Aero Mine, 30 ”miles south of Ileo- wawc, Nev. Edition of The Troy Record

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June 9, 1954

The Troy Record from Troy, New York · Page 16


The Troy Record



Troy, New York

Issue Date:

Wednesday, June 9, 1954


Page 16

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u THE TROY PECORD, .WEDNESDAYS MORNING, JUNE 9, t$S4 Convicted Killer Captured By FBi Agen IS In Nevad a Washington (AP)’–The FBI an. nounced yesterday tlial John .Alfred Hopkins, convicted murderer of an Arizona policeman and one of the FBI’s “Ten Most Wanted Men,” was seized Monday at Gold Aero Mine, 30 ”miles south of Ileo- wawc, Nev. Director J. Edgar Hoover liaid Hopkins’ was -«rmcd with three knives but surrendered without struggle to FBI agents. Hoover said Hopkins had been Jiving and working in the Gold Acre Mine rca. Hopkins escaped last Nov. 30 from Arizona State Prison, where he was-serving an 8V4-ycar to life sentence for the Feb. 19, 1945, slaying of a Wickenburg, Ariz., policeman. The officer had surprised Hopkins in the burglary of a drug store.. : Give Father That contain Father’s is Sund . June 20 Kenroyd Tailored $10 95 One of the best things you could get for Father, (or-yourself) is a pair of fine rayon gabardine slacks . . . tailored by KENROYD . . . and enri:hed with DACRON , . which means that they: · HoU · Crtoid · Mid WrfnUti! .·Kit* tkllr Shop.! · Seldom NccJ Preisingf · An Airy-Light! · Weor TirrifKallyl WELLS COVERLY GETS MASTER’S ..DEGREE — ·William. Henry .Purecll of .811 6th .Ave.,recently was awarded the’ degree of Master of .Science in Education at Siena College. Mr. Purcel!,,a graduate of Siena, served w i t h ‘ t h e Army in the Southwest Pacific during’,World War II. He’recently was admitted to; the staff of’the .Adult Education faculty in Lansing- burg and is a member of- the audit committee of the Troy Community Chest. -He is currently employed by Clu’ett, Peabody t Co., Inc., as cost analyst for the vice president of manufacturing. Barkley Becomes Candidate For Old Senate Seat Frankfort, Ky. (AP) — Former Vice President Alben W. Barkley formally became a candidate yesterday for his old U. S. Senate seat. The 76-year-old Paducah. Democrat’s declaration .of candidacy ‘or his party’s nomination was received at the secretary of state’s office. . Barkley announced March 27 ,, ,,,.,, ,, after Democratic leaders launched ike V111 Meet Decry Probe, (Continued From Page Fourteen) committee stall, under Counsel Itchco A. Worrosor, has so far conducted is considered,by the foundation directors -as a one-sided, dist rled and untrue view of what they have been doing. This whole business started last July when Representative. Rcecc made a speech demanding a con- jrcssional investigation of-.founda- .ions. There is a, well-founded-suspicion that the original motive was political; /Representative Reeee is.a former GOP · National., Committee chairman. He had supported the late Sen. Robeit A Taft of Ohio for he GOP presidential nomination n 1952, After the Chicago conven- ion there was considerable bit- erness against Paul Hoffman who lad taken leave of the 1 ” Ford Foundation to organize, the Eisen- hower.nomination campaign. Open Charge. The open charge made against all foundations in general and the Ford Foundation in particular was that they were’ “using their resources ;for un-American.and subversive activities, for political purposes, propaganda, or .attempts to influence legislation.” In. October,’. 1953, however, the charges of subversion were subordinated. It was announced that they had been looked into, and there was little there. The.Reece committee took a new track. This was revealed when the committee hearings opened and Norman Dodd, its director or research, presented his report on six months of study. It intimated the existence of a gigantic conspiracy on the par] of the leaders of American education; the foundations and the federal government to int’ernation alize U. S. thinking and direct it toward the social sciences. ‘ What emerged was a set of charges regarded as utterly fantastic by the foundation representatives who; have been observing the hearings. In brief, the charges seem to boil down-to this: Changes in the U.S. educational system in the last 50 years have been un-American, These changes nrp tho result of a plot on the part of the foundation trustees who have spent their:millions-in ways and for purposes never Intended by the.donors. Financed By Grants. The “carle!” of organizations Induced by such grants and alleged-, to have put this over, include: The American Council of Learned Societies, National Research Council, American Council on Education, National.-Education Association (founded 1857), etc;, supplemented: by such others as he .Parent-Teacher -Association’s ind;National Council,of Churches. All have, of course, been con- idered so eminently respectable to be viewed as reactionary by progressives. The new and particular villain of the plot, however! seems to be the Fund for the Advancement of Educutlgn.’, It was formed only ihree yeois ago with a giant of 55 million from Ford Foundation, Its purpose wis openly and frankly selociive reicarch and experimental projects to limprovc’ and further develop formal education. Chairman of tho fund is Frank W. ‘Abrams, for many ycais head ol Standard Oil’ of New Jelsoy. Olhers’on’ the fund’s board Include Roy Lnrscn of Time, Phlll» V*cd of General Electric, Paul M«Hon and Owen J. Roberts, formir Su- premo Court Justice. None of these nor any other foundation officials have as -yet been requested to testify nod tell. .heir side of’the-story: ” Noiv at: RDELS OF .TROY ONSON PRICES I Federal Taxes Cut! a movement:to draft him. Republican Sen. John Sherman Cooper hasn’t filed formally yet for reelection but has said he would run. Midnight Saturday is the filing deadline, is Aug. 7. The primary Jesse N.-H. Cecil, Louisville, and Rev. James L. Delk, Frankfort, filed .earlier for the Democratic nomination. G. Tom Hawkins, Elkhorn City, has filed for the GOP nomination. Press Tomorrow Washington (AP) — President Eisenhower will hold a news conference at. 10:30 a.m. EDT tomorrow,’ the White House said yesterday.” . , / . – · These interviews – are usually held on Wednesday, but the White House said yesterday it will.’be more convenient for’the National Security Council to meet this morning instead of Thursday. 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In handsome saddle-stitched Caddie Case, ‘ rrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrrrr Easy Payments At No Added Cost J ! flDELS THIRD BROADWAY Liberal Trade-In For Old Slutver. I Is a BUCK! It’s aV8! Ifc $2,286 336 River St. Troy npAKE heai t, good friend–you can buy a X hit-of-the-year Buick if you can afford any new car. And we proudly show our price here to prove it. For this price is the delivered price –the local delivered price –of the new Buick SPECIAL 2-door, 6-passenger Sedan — and it’s just a few dollars away from those of the so-called “low-price thre’e”–lower, in fact, than even some models of those very same cars. But look what this Buick price gets you! It gets you the very look of tomorrow in styling modernity, even to the spectacular new panoramic windshield that seems to outdate everything before ht It gets you Buick V8 power – highest in SPECIAL history-plus the economy of new Power-Head Pistons. 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Even th» faclory-lnttoKed ·trfraf you »xy wont are bargains, juch ait hoolar defrotf«r..,o ·WHEN BITTER AUIOMOBIIES ARE BUILT BUICK Will BUIID THEM- TROY BUICK CO., Inc. 2781-2791 SIXTH AVE., TROY, N.Y. PHONE AS 2-4100 DUNNING BUICK 167 ONTARIO ST., COHOES, N.Y. PHONE BEdford 5-3024

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